What is unique about Sai Catering Norway?

The best part of any event is enjoying food with your friends and family or colleagues. When served in huge portions to a large gathering, …

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Every Detail Needed To Ensure Your Guests Have A Good Time

Wedding catering is one of the most common forms of large-scale catering. No wedding reception is complete without an array of dishes to satisfy the appetite of your guests. Good food has a huge impact on the special day of a couple. If you want to make sure everyone celebrates, pay attention to every aspect of wedding catering. This style of catering includes appetizers, multiple courses, multiple sides, dessert counters and more.

To get a head start on the planning, it is best to think about your budget and how much you are willing to spend on wedding catering. The more money you can invest in your wedding catering, the better food and service you can offer.

Weddings in India are a big deal. They are no less than any other festive occasion and are celebrated with high spirits, beautiful decorations, music and dance, colourful costumes and exotic food. Latest wedding trends reveal that guests care the most about the ambience, comfort and great menu variety at big fat Indian weddings. Anything local is a plus. This creates a bigger demand for local cuisines from different regions of our country.

One thing all these historical works taught me is that catering for weddings was and still is all about variety. Good food has a huge impact on every detail of any wedding reception. Make sure you think about every aspect of wedding catering to make sure that everyone celebrates from the appetizers till the dessert counter!

We believe that the best way to find a caterer for your wedding is to look for recommendations from friends and family! Studies have shown that people are more likely to try an unfamiliar product or service if it is recommended to them by a friend or family member. They also found that word of mouth is the most trusted marketing tool.

When choosing catering services for your next big event, always ask to see a sample of their food before you hire them. Ask for their bento box, which is where they will serve the food and you can see exactly what you are going to get. And remember, before you hire them, ask them if they have “A Caterer’s Hat”.