What is unique about Sai Catering Norway?

The best part of any event is enjoying food with your friends and family or colleagues. When served in huge portions to a large gathering, food brings together a different vibe. The event host expresses the ultimate form of hospitality to ensure that the guests are content. We understand the importance of food in every event and know that getting a vegetarian catering service that offers an exhaustive range of menu options is rare. That is why Sai Catering was founded in Norway.

Sai Catering offers you everything you want in vegetarian catering. From Maharashtra in the North to Tamil Nadu in the South, Sai Catering company covers all famous dishes from major cities in India. We also provide Jain-friendly options that exclude onion and garlic but the taste remains as exotic as always. We have a separate menu for your birthday parties, considering children-friendly dishes.

You get to tailor the menu for your event and Sai Catering just does it for you beyond your expectations. We offer corporate catering, buffet catering, home catering, wedding catering, and party catering. Sai Catering has a team of experienced chefs and a strong customer service team. We cater to all parties and events in and around Oslo.

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